Ebany Renee Events

Branding + Website + Collateral

Ebany Renee Events is a boutique event planning company based in Hampton Roads, VA. Ebany Hamlin, the owner, is passionate about even planning and design. She has planned multiple events in her area but desired a new brand to expand her business.

Our main focus was to create a new soft and inviting brand. In order to attract her audience we had to strategize a new way to reach them. Just word-of-mouth was no longer the desired way to market the business. The client wanted a visual identity that implemented both the subjects “pretty” and “tech”.

The final result came to fruition after the color palette defined. The client wanted to pastel-like colors. The handwritten font gives the brand a more personal touch. The brand’s web and printed materials are all cohesive with a light and tropical design.


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