Branding + Website + Collateral

Paloma Healing & Arts, LLC is a healing services company servicing Cape Charles, Virginia. Paloma Healing was founded was founded in 2016. Healer Sheila Sheppard, works with individuals who want to grow by helping them awaken to their inner calm and intuition so that they can fulfill their potential for wholeness.

Our main focus was to establish the brands personality and attract its biggest audience, high school and college-aged girls. The client wanted a visual identity that implemented both the subjects “pretty” and “tech”. With so many programs similar to this one in the area it was important to point out its niche and strategize a brand that would stand out. It definitely needed to be eye-catching!

The final result came to fruition after the logo was re-imagined. The client wanted to display bright “girly” colors with a touch of rose gold. The circuit board design was the main focus as it displayed the “tech” aspect of the organization. The brand’s web and printed materials are all cohesive with a bold in-your-face design.

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